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We offer a wide range of in-office instruction for proper stretching, stabilization and strengthening. We ensure our patients are performing exercises correctly to enable them to perform their exercises at home. Each patient is given a personal handout with their exercise program on it with pictures and detailed descriptions of each exercise. Our home exercise programs are individually designed in order to maximize the patient’s potential; we know not everyone is alike and therefore take this factor into consideration.

Our office also focuses on functional movement which can be translated into real life movement. We are not only teaching our patients exercises, but we are also teaching them proper ways to move throughout the day to prevent injury.

We utilize a variety of equipment to accommodate our patients and their rehabilitation needs. The equipment we use ranges from physioballs and balance pads, to Kettle Bells. We also offer individualized programs utilizing the neck fit ball and resistance tubing to help strengthen and stabilize the neck and upper back. All of the equipment we utilize here is available to purchase from our office to ensure our patients are able to continue their rehabilitation exercises at home.

In conjunction with our exercise programs, we also provide safe and effective treatment modalities to reduce pain, promote healing, and restore function to the body. These modalities include Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Vasopneumatic Therapy, Intersegmental Traction, and Cryotherapy.


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